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Overnight Stays & House Sitting

All Day and Overnight Care for Pets & House
-$160 a day/nt
(16 hrs stay)


Going on vacation? No worries! We will care for (and spoil) your furry friends while you get some much needed rest and relaxation. Plus you get peace of mind your house is being looked after as well.

*With the all day/overnight there is no set schedule.  All times can be customized to fit you and your pets needs!*

*All sitters are allowed during their stay to leave the premises up to 8 hrs, you can decide which hours in case of medication, etc. and we won't be gone more than 4 hrs at a time!* Most sitters don't leave. But to run errand, check on their own pets or to pick up food.

All house sitting duties are included; watering plants, getting mail and bringing in packages, turning on/off lights and blinds and taking out trash/recycle. 

Ovenight Only 


8pm-6am (10hrs)

Maybe you'll just be gone the night or maybe you have a friend or neighbor coming over in the day.  Our overnight only would be the way to go! We let your fur kids out when we arrive and when we leave. We will also give them their dinner if they eat that late and their breakfast. Or you can add on drop in visits throughout the day.

All house sitting duties are inluded; watering plants, getting mail and bringing in packages, turning on/off lights and blinds and taking out trash/recycle. 

You can add daytime visits onto your overnight and if overnight care is not what you want maybe just drop in visits will work better for you?

We are now offering earlier and later drop in visits! We recommend this for the pets that don't need someone there all the time! You can have as many visits as you want from 6am-10pm and they are 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 45 min or 1 hr visits.

$15 per 15 min visit

$18 per 20 min visit

$20 per 30 min visit

$25 per 45 min visit

$30 per 1hr visit

Any visits from 9pm to 10pm Or 6a to 6:45 a are an additional $5

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