Overnight Stays & House Sitting 

All Day and Overnight Care for Pets & House - Starts at $90 a day/nt in Kerrville. (18 hrs stay)

Since we do not offer overnight stays only. 

We offer

Earlier and Later

Drop-In Visits!


*Outside of Kerrville $100 a day/nt 

+additional 1 time $10 travel fee*

Going on vacation? No worries! We will care for (and spoil) your furry friends while you get some much needed rest and relaxation. Plus you get peace of mind your house is being looked after as well.


These stays are usually from 7am to 7am the next day. Or from whatever time you start it will end the next day at the same time.

Example schedule for sitters:

They will be there from

6am-9am for breakfast and playtime allowed to leave from 9am-11am. There 11am-1pm for lunch and playtime. Allowed to leave 1pm-5pm. There from 5p-6am for dinner playtime and overnight.


*There is no set schedule.  All times can be customized to fit you and your pets needs!*

*All sitters are allowed during their stay to leave the premises up to 6 hrs, you decide which hours!*

Offering earlier and later drop in visits keeps you and your pets happy too! We recommend this for the pets that don't need someone there all the time, especially just to sleep.

Example times many customers use us for drop in visits:

-6am -7am or 8am



-9pm -10pm or 11 pm

You can have as many visits as you want from 6am-11pm and they are all 30 min or 1 hr visits.

$20 per 30 min visit

$30 per 1hr visit

$15 per 15 min visit is only applicable for outside pets such as cats.